Louis Henry Gibson Architect
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Learning From Louis Henry Gibson, Architect

First I found by accident the ”Convenient Houses : With Fifty Plans for the Housekeeper” by Louis Henry Gibson, Architect – 1889. Then I searched for more! He also wrote […]

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The 20th Salon of Architecture in Novi Sad

OAR (Order of Architects in Romania) sent the open call for submissions at the 20th Salon of Architecture in Novi Sad, Serbia. The Novi Sad architects organization is DANS. I am […]

Built It Again! National Theatre in Bucharest Romania
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Someone Has Built It Before

I feel frustrated to find stuff online that I feel I had to read it much earlier than I do. „Someone Has Built It Before” is such a website. If […]

Contemporary Architectural Home Style in Bucharest, Romania
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A Home Design In Bucharest, Romania (Pics)

My colleague, Costin, who is also an architect, has shoot these awesome images of this home we designed back in 2013. I am very pleased to finally show a set […]

Thank You!

500 Thanks For 500 Likes!

Day by day I am more amazed how the new technologies change our lives. I discovered with a little help from social media that people are more the same than […]

The death of modern architecture?
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The Death of (Modern?) #Architecture

Justin Shubow wrote in Forbes ”Architecture Continues To Implode: More Insiders Admit The Profession Is Failing”. This gentleman thinks that architects lost their contact with common people and this happens mostly with […]

Walking The Architect Shoes - Linkedin Article
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My Articles On Linkedin

Walking The Architect Shoes is my second post on Linkedin. Well, it is about being an architect nowdays. Nothing fancy, just like the shoes I used to wear that day. […]