Louis Henry Gibson Architect

Learning From Louis Henry Gibson, Architect

First I found by accident the ”Convenient Houses : With Fifty Plans for the Housekeeper” by Louis Henry Gibson, Architect – 1889. Then I searched for more! He also wrote […]

The 20th Salon of Architecture in Novi Sad

OAR (Order of Architects in Romania) sent the open call for submissions at the 20th Salon of Architecture in Novi Sad, Serbia. The Novi Sad architects organization is DANS. I am […]

Built It Again! National Theatre in Bucharest Romania

Someone Has Built It Before

I feel frustrated to find stuff online that I feel I had to read it much earlier than I do. „Someone Has Built It Before” is such a website. If […]

Contemporary Architectural Home Style in Bucharest, Romania

A Home Design In Bucharest, Romania (Pics)

My colleague, Costin, who is also an architect, has shoot these awesome images of this home we designed back in 2013. I am very pleased to finally show a set […]

Thank You!

500 Thanks For 500 Likes!

Day by day I am more amazed how the new technologies change our lives. I discovered with a little help from social media that people are more the same than […]

The death of modern architecture?

The Death of (Modern?) #Architecture

Justin Shubow wrote in Forbes ”Architecture Continues To Implode: More Insiders Admit The Profession Is Failing”. This gentleman thinks that architects lost their contact with common people and this happens mostly with […]

Walking The Architect Shoes - Linkedin Article

My Articles On Linkedin

Walking The Architect Shoes is my second post on Linkedin. Well, it is about being an architect nowdays. Nothing fancy, just like the shoes I used to wear that day. […]

The Fear of The Young Architects

The Fear of The Young Architects

I wrote a few time ago an article about the condition of the young architects on Linkedin. Young Architects – Not Good Enough to Design? In many countries, including mine, […]

„Why The Architecture Is Not An Art”

Why The Architecture Is Not an Art

The Greeks tried to find the perfect beauty in architecture. They searched and studied and finally design sets of rules of how to design beauty. Their architecture is beautiful. Later […]

Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Design Requiremenst in Romania

Architectural Design Requirements in Romania

Romanian Construction Quality law sets a a few architectural requirements for the building design, named: Design Requirements   These requirements are not solely for the design, they target the building […]

Fire Safety: Architecture and Building Requirements in Romania

The Power Of The Architectural Design: Fire Safety

I’ve just wrote an article related to the high rise fire safety in Romania under the Building in Romania Category on my company website. Actually the starting point was not […]

My first home design as an architect

My First Architecture Project: A House Design

I am still wondering if my parents really wanted to build a house or they just were too proud to have a son studying architecture. My first architectural project was […]

Homes projects on my video channel

Houses Projects on Video

I posted two videos on my Architecture Company Youtube Channel: My company launched two series of house projects since 2004, being one of the first type houses projects. At least […]

Apartment Buildings in Romania

Apartment Buildings Architecture After The Crisis In Romania

The new apartment buildings developed in Romania failed to target a specific market: the typical middle class family. They targeted a more and more narrow market niche as the prices […]

Architect Inspiration

An Architect Inspiration

As an architect, Lee Calisti is asking himself where the creativity and inspiration comes from in his blog. He first describe a system that is very similar to the Gestalt […]

Buying Land in Romania

Buying a Plot/Land? Must Know Things Before You Buy Land in Romania

This topic is about the technical conditions required to Build in Romania. What makes a plot of land suitable for construction in Romania First of all, the plot of land […]

Urbanism Codes: Zoning in Romania

Urban Regulations in Romania (Zoning in Romania)

How to build in Romania: Zoning Urban Regulations in Romania are applicable in all areas: urban, rural areas and even agricultural lands. Urban Regulations are set by: The General Urban […]

Architecture IS BIG

Dialogues: Architecture Is Big

I used to post comments to this article that I found on ThinkArchitect. Lee Calisti wrote: “My question is can we give to the profession while serving our clients? Or […]

Ancient Rome Architecture

Architecture Lessons: Ancient Rome

Any visitor of the ancient ruins of Rome sees that many of our contemporary understanding of the buildings are ancient: they built stadiums, public spaces, courts of judges, public facilities […]

Invest in Romania

Euro 600 Millions To Be Lost By Romanian Office-Building Developers Annually

in Romanian Dozen articles used to reveal the huge demand of A-Class Building Spaces. Deficits of Hundreds of thousands or even millions squared meters were shown compared with Budapest, Warsaw […]

Deep Excavations

Deep Excavations in Romania

The Romanian Building Code has a set of rules to support the edges of deep excavations in urban areas with slurry walls or piled walls made under protection of bentonite. […]