Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Design Requiremenst in Romania

Architectural Design Requirements in Romania

Romanian Construction Quality law sets a a few architectural requirements for the building design, named: Design Requirements   These requirements are not solely for the design, they target the building […]

Fire Safety: Architecture and Building Requirements in Romania

The Power Of The Architectural Design: Fire Safety

I’ve just wrote an article related to the high rise fire safety in Romania under the Building in Romania Category on my company website. Actually the starting point was not […]

Apartment Buildings in Romania

Apartment Buildings Architecture After The Crisis In Romania

The new apartment buildings developed in Romania failed to target a specific market: the typical middle class family. They targeted a more and more narrow market niche as the prices […]

Buying Land in Romania

Buying a Plot/Land? Must Know Things Before You Buy Land in Romania

This topic is about the technical conditions required to Build in Romania. What makes a plot of land suitable for construction in Romania First of all, the plot of land […]

Urbanism Codes: Zoning in Romania

Urban Regulations in Romania (Zoning in Romania)

How to build in Romania: Zoning Urban Regulations in Romania are applicable in all areas: urban, rural areas and even agricultural lands. Urban Regulations are set by: The General Urban […]

Invest in Romania

Euro 600 Millions To Be Lost By Romanian Office-Building Developers Annually

in Romanian Dozen articles used to reveal the huge demand of A-Class Building Spaces. Deficits of Hundreds of thousands or even millions squared meters were shown compared with Budapest, Warsaw […]

Deep Excavations

Deep Excavations in Romania

The Romanian Building Code has a set of rules to support the edges of deep excavations in urban areas with slurry walls or piled walls made under protection of bentonite. […]