Deep Excavations in Romania

The excavator struggle to dig. The cylindrical iron beams are designed to sustain the push of the earth on the perimetral walls.

The Romanian Building Code has a set of rules to support the edges of deep excavations in urban areas with slurry walls or piled walls made under protection of bentonite.

Wețve posted on our site: images from one of our construction sites featuring deep excavations.

Pictures of construction works: Digging in the middle of the city

Deep Excavations

The The next pictures are from a construction site in Bucharest, Romania, showing excavations of more than 40 x 70 meters (130 x 230 feet) perimeter and 12 meters deep (40 feet). The edges of the excavations are reinforced with both slurry walls and piled walls going till 18 meters deep (60 feet).
The excavation will cover three underground parking levels. The above building is 7 to 11 stories with both offices and apartments. The building is designed to resist to important earthquakes. Romanian Earthquakes have a period of about 30 to 40 years and might often be more dangerous than 7.2-7.4 on Richter scale.
Our architectural & engineering firm designed the architecture, engineering and deep foundations for this building.
Maybe allover the place our clients have a hard time to understand the importance of a quality architectural and engineering design.

The building we designed had to be an office building. After the crisis, it was redesigned and finnished as a hospital.

The construction workers seem so tiny at the bottom of the excavation.


By Octavian Ungureanu

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