Houses Projects on Video

I posted two videos on my Architecture Company Youtube Channel:

My company launched two series of house projects since 2004, being one of the first type houses projects. At least they are some of the few usable type projects, adapted to the Romanian building conditions.

In Romania, the plot of lands in cities and towns are narrow plots. Actually, the Urban Regulations restricts the use of the plots if they are not at least 12 meters wide (if the future house will be isolated on the plot), and a surface larger than 150 squared meters. It is possible to build even on narrower plots, starting with 10 meters wide, or even less, but with certain restrictions.

We tried to offer affordable house plans (3 bedrooms houses) with no garages and suitable to plots starting from 11 meters wide. No there are several competitor companies offering similar house projects. Due to the integration of our architectural and engineering services we are able to offer them for possible some of the most inexpensive prices.

By Octavian Ungureanu

Mă numesc Octavian Ungureanu și sunt arhitect.
Nu proiectez doar blocuri, clădiri de birouri, hoteluri și pensiuni sau clădiri industriale.
Fac și proiecte de case, iar asta îmi place la nebunie.