Let’s Work Together!

With me, and my company

I run my own company providing architectural and engineering design services in Romania. Our headquarters are based in Bucharest.

What about working together?

You might want to:

  • Start a realestate development.
  • Start a building project in residential, commercial, hospitality, or industrial.
  • Consolidate, convert, modernize or restore an existing building.

We Support Your Efforts

We can guide you through the aquisition of the land and/or building, investment opportunity evaluation, feasibility study, architectural and structural design, building permit, construction biddings, and supervision of construction works.

Not Just Design

See? It is not just design! We mean it when we say ”Let’s Work Together!”

It would be easier to limit our involvement in design and maybe building permit assistance, but we consider this being too indifferent to the person or organizations that really want to build and add value to our cities.

The Passion for Architecture and Constructions

So you will find a team of architects and engineers that love constructions. This passion made us understand the importance of whole process, not only architecture and structural design. So you will find services covering all the main steps involved during the investment stages.

Nothing Too Big, Nothing Too Small!

We were involved in design twenty millions Euros buildings both small homes or office interior design.

So, your project is fit for us, big or small!