A Home Design In Bucharest, Romania (Pics)

Contemporary Architecture Style in Buchares, Romania
Bucharest, Romania: We designed this contemporary architecture style house on a narrow street with small homes on one side and 4 storey blocks of flats on the other.

My colleague, Costin, who is also an architect, has shoot these awesome images of this home we designed back in 2013.

Our contemporary design for this small home
We played with the textures for this house. The ground floor is plated with wooden planks, contrasting with the pure white volume of the first floor. In the close corner there is a small home office for our client, who is an IT genius. In the same register there is the front door flanked by large windows. Facing the street is the largest bedroom.

I am very pleased to finally show a set of pictures of this house that I designed in 2013 and that was built last year.
This is a small home, no larger than 1900 square feet (167 square meters). Its structure was conceived in reinforced concrete, a very usual solution for the seismic hazard of Bucharest area. The structural design was also made by my company.
We had to wait from december till now, in April, to have the green grass for this photo shooting.

The rear windows of the house are faceing the green garden
I have to admit that we photoshopped the balcony`s parapet and also the yellow paint of the sole steel column of the house. We tried as much as we could to keep the garden as large as was possible, despite of city codes that would allowed to build more close to the rear fence of the yard.

Contemporary and modern architectural styles for houses are not very popular in Romania. This is why I am more than pleased that our client, a very fine young family, took the courage not only to let me and my team to design in such a manner, but that also as they learned to love the design, to guard the quality of the construction works.
I also thanks the general contractor for the quality we all expected from him.

A contemporary architectural design is more and more trendy in my country. I can bet that in the not too far future, more and more clients will ask for this type of design.
As more and more quality homes will be built, the more people will embrace the simplicity and elegance of our times.
Back in 1930-1940, the golden decade of the modern style in Romania, many beautiful homes were built and are still considered good architecture.
But is hard to believe that everybody embraced almost all new technologies and gadgets, but is still conservative regarding architecture.
Romania is again a different case. The Romanian traditional styles are not suitable for the modern era. Also, what is a wide beautiful conservative styles in the American suburbs, can not be imported in Romania because we also lack the arts and crafts necessary to build such homes.
So the large amount of houses built in the last 25 years are most of the time ugly and lacks almost all kind of innovation.
But most of the time, the one-family homes are developed and built directly by the owners. This makes tens of thausends of owners each year to deal with architects.
I think that only the contemporary architecture could fill the unspoken need of good design.
The fact that more and more Romanian architects manage to design more and more better homes will end in a critical mass at a certain time. After that moment, the quality design will be the rule, not the exception.

By Octavian Ungureanu

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