About Me

Who Am I?

Octavian Ungureanu, Architect

First of all…

I am the father of Irina, an awsome daughter!

… I am not exactly a young architect anymore

I studied architecture at ”Ion Mincu” Architecture an Urbanism University in Bucharest between 1991 an 1997.

I registered with the Order of Architects of Romania (4059), so I am licensed to practice architecture all over the country. 

I also write articles related to architecture and constructions both in English and Romanian.

My Architectural Practice


I have a partner, Șerban, who is maybe one of the best structural engineers in Romania.

We are the co-founders of Trilitica Frame Invest, one of the few Romanian companies specialized both in architecture and engineering.

Please visit our company page: Trilitica.Ro

Let us be in contact trough social media:

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