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Walking The Architect Shoes is my second post on Linkedin. Well, it is about being an architect nowdays. Nothing fancy, just like the shoes I used to wear that day.

I also wrote an article about the chances on a competitive market for young architects to get a job. I receive many CVs both from architects and structural engineers. They are somehow all the same.

But we live in a fast pace changing world. And the change is a continous opportunity. So I started toget together whatever advices I can provide for my colleagues or even everyone that is on a job hunt.

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Thank You!Walking The Architect Shoes

By Octavian Ungureanu

Mă numesc Octavian Ungureanu și sunt arhitect.
Nu proiectez doar blocuri, clădiri de birouri, hoteluri și pensiuni sau clădiri industriale.
Fac și proiecte de case, iar asta îmi place la nebunie.