Thanks For The Likes!

500 thanks for 500 likes!

Day by day, I am more amazed at how new technologies change our lives. I discovered with a little help from social media that people are more the same than we imagined. On the other hand, all of us are so unique!

It is not too hard for an architect to picture in his mind how a 500 people group is.

On the other Facebook page of my company, we have more than 5000 likes. But the 500 on my page? Well, they simply liked something about what I write on my blog. They voted for one idea or a shared perspective over one thought.

I like to think that some of them… well, maybe they don’t agree with me, but they just appreciate that I write on a subject or other.

I thank all of them! I thank all of them with all my heart!

Thank You!

I also thank all who just read what I write on this blog!